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Shield IRL

A DeadStop lightweight police ballistic shield in reality.

A Ballistic Shield or Tactical Shield is a hand-held shield that is capable of defending the user from ballistics. Less common are heavier and thicker rifle-protection shields that are mounted on wheels for ease of mobility. Ballistic shields have been used by law enforcement and military forces throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas

The Shield is featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas. It is bulletproof against all weapons in the game, allowing the user to operate a handgun and safely engage the enemy. Despite this, it is possible to shoot through the window of the shield and kill the user instantly.

It does not protect the user from explosives, fire, flashbangs, or tear gas. While the shield protects most of the user when in use, it does leave the legs exposed unless crouched.

The shield greatly reduces player mobility, preventing players from sprinting and using equipment such as grenades, making it extremely difficult to traverse large maps or evade grenades. As a result, it is advised to wear light to no armor to at least have some mobility though heavy armor is also a viable tactic.

Since the player may only reload their sidearm with one hand, it takes much longer than a normal reload to do so. As a result, using a weapon with a High-Capacity Mag can be extremely useful so as to reduce the number of reloads.


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

TE084 500 1

The Shield is featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. It appears in the same configuration as Vegas 1.


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

Three variants of the Ballistic Shield are featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, one used by FBI SWAT and GIGN Recruits and each used by the Operators Fuze, Blitz and Montagne respectively.

When equipped and out it negates all incoming projectile damage directed at it from the general direction the user is facing in. Explosive damage, such as the Nitro Cell and Frag Grenade, is reduced but not negated. In addition to this, unless the user is crouching (with the exception of Montagne's extended shield), their legs are exposed, leaving them vulnerable. In addition, the sides and rear of the user are open at all times, making the user vulnerable to ambushes or explosives tossed over their shield. Meleeing a shield (unless it's Montagne's and it's extended) will cause the user to flinch, exposing their body to attack.

Shield users wield their sidearm in conjunction with the shield. When aiming down sights, the user holds the shield horizontally, exposing their head. Using a laser sight with the sidearm can help players aim without exposing themselves.

With the exception of Blitz, running with a shield with cause the operator to lower their shield. As shields count as primary weapons, it is possible to unequip a shield by selecting the secondary weapon. Going prone or planting the defuser in Bomb mode will also cause the shield to be automatically unequipped. An unequipped shield is carried on the operator's back, and can offer situational protection.


Ballistic Shield

Unlike the other two variants, the shields carried by Fuze, the FBI SWAT and GIGN Recruits offer no unique ability of its own, though it still functions identically to the others. Notably, Fuze's Ballistic Shield is a shade of green while those wielded by Recruits are black.


Flash Shield

This shield used by Blitz has a band of extremely powerful flashbang grade lights attached to the front. This allows him to blind enemies in front of the shield, enabling him to get the advantage and push forwards. However, there are only five charges for the flash, preventing extended use.


Extendable Shield

Used by Montagne, this shield can be extended to cover the user's legs. This can be used to give Montagne and his allies better protection and can effectively block off doors and recieve negligent explosion damage. However, while the shield is extended, Montagne has a decreased movement speed and cannot use his weapon, forcing him to rely on others for help and fire support.

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