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"Fires an explosive Breach Round that burrows into a surface and automatically detonates."
— M120 CREM Description
Rainbow Six Siege Ash Operator Video00:25

Rainbow Six Siege Ash Operator Video

Eliza "Ash" Cohen is an Attacking Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. She is equipped with a low armor rating but has a high mobility in return. Ash's unique ability is being able to wield and shoot the M120 CREM with 2 breaching rounds which will burrow into a surface and detonate automatically.


Born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel, Cohen enrolled at Tel Aviv University after secondary school in the Engineering program. It was during this time she did a semester abroad in Boston University. After college, she enlisted in the Israeli Defense Forces. Her engineering background made her a great candidate for mechanical maintenance and demolitions.

She was later transferred to FBI SWAT due to an international law enforcement exchange program. Cohen brought her knowledge of demolitions with her in producing a weapon-mounted breach charge capable of blowing open a door or wall from a distance.

Psychological Profile

Her military training as a demolitions specialist has left Cohen with an inflated sense of self. She can be aggressive, impulsive, and overly confident. She is quick to action, which can be an asset or fatal for someone in her line of work.

Gameplay Description

  • Ash can fire two remote breaching charges to surfaces that would normally be hard or impossible to reach, like higher windows or even ceilings; enemies rarely expect the floor beneath them to blow up so use this to surprise them.
  • Remote breaches will detonate automatically once they get stuck on a wall, meaning that they cannot be affected by a Signal Disruptor, making them the best way to breach against a team with Mute in their ranks.
  • The Remote Breach Launcher is also very useful to destroy a wall from a safe distance if you expect enemy fire. Keep in mind that it is not a rocket launcher and will do reduced damage to players.
  • You can try using the Remote Breach to blow up a barricaded window from below and let a teammate throw a frag grenade. You'll probably deal a lot of damage to the enemy while remaining safe from enemy fire.
  • Getting struck directly by a Breaching Round will result in dealing 50 damage, regardless of armor, though the charge will not explode.
  • Certain walls can't be completely covered by Reinforcements, where the gap is enough for Ash to shoot through once the uncovered part of the wall is destroyed by her Breach Launcher.
  • Ash has a smaller headshot hitbox than some other operators making it easier to peek around corners safely.
  • The remote breach charge can also destroy deployable shields and can injure the Operator behind it.


Unique Gadget
  • Breaching Rounds x 2
    M120 Crem

Loadout Description

The M120 CREM was developed as a portable projectile breaching weapon. Similar to other explosive breaching tools used by American and Israeli armed forces, the M120 CREM is capable of breaching through doors without the need to focus on destroying hinges or locks for entry. Unlike other explosive breaching methods, the M120 CREM is comparatively portable with its decreased size and weight, allowing it to be carried as a secondary weapon. The M120 CREM has been successfully utilized by FBI SWAT in penetrating fortified compounds during hostage and search and rescue operations.


Ash's Quotes
Operator Video
  • "When I was little, my savta taught me that 'Silence was a women's best garment'. But, I have to admit, I never really took her advice to heart."
  • "Let's get our head in the game."
Using Breach Charge
  • "Breach Charge ready!"
  • "Reloading!"
  • "Swapping mags!"


  • According to the in-game biography of Mira, Ash developed a rivalry with her following Operation Blue Orion.

Gameplay Video

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile ASH-005:16

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile ASH-0


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