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Not to be confused with the R4-C
"GSG 9 medium range 5.56x45mm caliber assault rifle, with high recoil and rate of fire."
— In-game description

The 416-C Carbine is a weapon featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It is available for use by GSG 9 Recruits and the Operator Jäger.


The HK416C is a compact carbine variant of the HK416 assault rifle. The HK416C is manufactured by Heckler and Koch that chambers the 5.56x45mm NATO round. It can be compared to the CQB-R/MARK 18 MOD 0 (An extremely short carbine variant of the M4A1 carbine) due to them both fitting the same ultra short carbine role.[1]

In-game, and designated as the 416-C Carbine, this Defender's assault combines raw stopping power with a fairly decent rate of fire of 740. The weapon, while it does have a fairly predictable recoil, has poor hipfire accuracy.

Equipping a Vertical Grip can ease the recoil of this weapon, while equipping an ACOG Sight with an Extended Barrel will allow it to function better at longer ranges.



  • Poor hipfire accuracy.

Weapon Attachments

Under Barrel


Patch Changes


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