February 7Edit

  • Operation Steel Wind.
    • Armed members of the terrorist organization "Free Europe" seized control of the Belgian embassy in London. Rainbow retake the embassy with minimal civilian losses.

April 15Edit

  • Operation Cold Thunder.
    • Hutu rebels capture a research outpost in the Congo run by the Horizon Corporation. Rainbow rescue the American and European scientists without alerting the main body of the rebel force to their presence.

June 25Edit

  • Operation Angel Wire.
    • An organization calling itself "the Phoenix Group" gain control of a petromech drilling rag in the North Sea, take the crew hostage and mine the rig. Rainbow disarm all explosives and neutralize the aggressors.

August 3Edit

  • Operation Sun Devil.
    • Amerocan and Brazilian nationals are kidnapped from a Horizon construction site in the Amazon rainforest. They are held nearby at the stronghold of known drug trafficker Ramon Calderon. Rainbow terminate Calderon's operation with minimum civilian losses.

August 10Edit

  • Operation Lone Fox.

August 27Edit

  • Operation Ghost Dance.

September 5Edit

  • Operation Blue Sky.

September 10Edit

  • Operation Fire Walk.

September 10Edit

  • Operation Winter Hawk.

September 13Edit

  • Operation Red Wolf.

September 19Edit

  • Operation Razor Ie.

September 29Edit

  • Operation Black Star.

October 1Edit

  • Operation Wild Arrow.

October 1Edit

  • Operation Mystic Tiger.


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