• Daniel Bogart is hired by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


  • Rumor that Lars Beckenbauer was a member of the 'Libellen', an underground group held responsible for several bombings of East German governmental offices in the summer of 1981. The current German government neither confirms nor denies this.
  • Genedy Filatov serves in army of former Soviet Union, 1981–85, including tour of duty in Afghanistan.


  • Ding Chavez joins the U.S. Army.
  • Timothy Hanley attends Australian Defense Force Academy in Canberra, 1983–87.
  • Santiago Arnavisca attends University of Seville, 1983–88.


  • Ding Chavez serves with the 7th Infantry Division, 1984–87. Rose to rank of Staff Sergeant.
  • Alain DuBarry attends the Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Electrotechnique et Electronique (ESIEE) in Paris, 1984–1989.


  • Louis Loiselle begins training DGSE recruits in 1985.
  • Lars Beckenbauer resurfaces when he is granted asylum by West Germany after a risky crossing of the Baltic Sea in a small sailboat.
  • Lars Beckenbauer is married.
  • Catherine Winston earns a BS in Biology from the California Institute of Technology.


  • Andrew Burke joins the Royal Marines.


  • Ding Chavez is recruited for narcotics interdiction operations in South America.
  • Genedy Filatov is recruited by "Alfa" counter-terrorist group.
  • Daniel Bogart is a member of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team, 1987–97.
  • Upon graduation from the Australian Defense Force Academy in Canberra, Timothy Hanley is recruited into newly formed 1st squadron of the Special Air Services Regiment (SASR) and remained with this unit when it was organized into the Australian Tactical Assault Group (TAG) shortly thereafter.


  • Ding Chavez is discharged by the U.S. Army and becomes a full-time employee of the CIA, working under John Clark.
  • Santiago Arnavisca joins the Guardia Civil upon graduation from University of Seville.


  • John Clark is part of the team that apprehended the terrorists responsible for the Denver, Colorado detonation.
  • Lars Beckenbauer opens Pyrotechno GmbH, a security consulting firm.
  • Andrew Burke has a first tour of duty with British Special Air Service (SAS), 1989–91.
  • Ding Chavez's service records for the years 1989–99 are sealed.
  • Alain DuBarry graduates the Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Electrotechnique et Electronique (ESIEE) with a degree in electronics engineering and computer science.

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