• John Clark is recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency.
  • John Brightling earns a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Virginia.
  • Lars Beckenbauer is drafted into the East Germany Army.


  • Lars Beckenbauer is assigned to East German Border Patrol from 1971–76.

July 14Edit

  • Tracy Woo is born in Los Angeles, California.

April 3Edit

  • Jamal Murad is born in Bani Swayf, Egypt.

July 9Edit

  • Dieter Weber is born in Munich.


  • Daniel Bogart attends University of Iowa on a track and field scholarship, 1972–76.

August 23Edit

  • Homer Johnston is born in Boise, Idaho.


March 3Edit

  • Ayana Yacoby is born in Tel Aviv, Israel.

December 12Edit

  • Pak Suo-Won is born in Kangnung, South Korea.


  • John Brightling earns a MD from the University of Virginia.

May 17Edit

  • Jorg Walther is born in Saarbrücken, Germany.


July 25Edit

  • Kure Galanos is born in Nicosia, Cyprus.

September 10Edit

  • Karl Haider is born in Graz, Austria.


  • Lars Beckenbauer is arrested by the GDR State Security Service (Stasi) under suspicion of involvement in several high-profile defections.
  • Daniel Bogart graduates University of Iowa with honors with a degree in law enforcement.


  • Lars Beckenbauer is released for lack of evidence and discharged from the army. His movements and activities from 1977–84 are unknown.


  • The Horizon Corporation is founded by John Brightling.
  • Daniel Bogart is married.

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