February 12Edit

  • Genedy Filatov is born in Pskov, Pskovskaya Oblast, Russian Federation.

June 6Edit

  • Roger McAllen is born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


  • John Brightling earns a BS in Chemistry from Cornell University.
  • Catherine Winston is born in Los Angeles, California.

April 14Edit

  • Timothy Hanley is born in Margaret River, Australia.

December 24Edit

  • Gerald Morris is born in Birmingham, Alabama.


May 24Edit

  • Arkadi Novikov is born in Minsk, in what is now Belarus.

October 14Edit

  • Antonio Maldini is born in Milano, Italy.

November 2Edit

  • Annika Lofquist is born in Göteborg, Sweden.


September 27Edit

  • Alain DuBarry is born in Chantilly, France.


January 1Edit

  • Santiago Arnavisca is born in Málaga, Spain.

January 12Edit

  • Ding Chavez is born in Los Angeles, California.
  • Andrew Burke is born in Manchester, England.

March 30Edit

  • Renee Raymond is born in Kansas City, Missouri.

June 6Edit

  • Louis Loiselle is born in Paris, France.

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